Future Stars: Pia Mia (Interscope)

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My first introduction to Pia Mia was with Bubblegum Boy, a duet with her best friend (at the time), Disney star Bella Thorne. It was a fun, silly teen pop song, but that side of Pia seems distant now. She grew up on the small Pacific island Guam, and posted singing videos on YouTube from age 13. She fell out with Bella after dating her brother, but luckily had more celebrity friends up her sleeve, including Sofia Richie (Nicole’s sister) and Kylie Jenner. A video of Pia singing Hold On We’re Going Home for Kim, Kanye and Drake himself got her noticed, and she was signed soon after. The lead single from her debut album, Do It Again, featuring Chris Brown and Tyga, is currently hovering around the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100, but is a top 5 hit in Australia, which is these days often a sign of future international success. I’m not sold on Pia as a pop star, as she doesn’t come across as very likeable, but she’s clearly a social climber determined to succeed. I don’t think Do It Again has huge potential, but if she has something stronger up her sleeve, her drive and connections will probably make it happen. Either way, we’ll see her around.


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