Future Stars: Paris Jackson (Unsigned)

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Paris Jackson, 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, hasn’t signed a record deal or even confirmed she’s planning on pursuing a music career. Nonetheless, she’s already got more chance of succeeding than most artists who have been trying for years. Although she describes herself as an actress and model, she recently gave her first in-depth interview, and tellingly chose Rolling Stone rather than a fashion magazine. She’s known for her love of rock music, having gone through goth and emo phases (unfortunately her taste hasn’t improved since – she was recently spotted at a James Arthur gig), and tweets about writing songs. Her short, bleached hair and outspoken attitude have gained comparisons to Miley, and she’d certainly make an interesting addition to the current crop of pop girls. So far, she’s got herself a big manager and just announced her first acting role, in musical TV show Star. It may not be a singing role, but it’s another sign that music’s on her mind.

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