Future Stars: Only Real (Virgin EMI)

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I recently realised that Only Real and Real Lies (recently featured in Future Pop) are two different acts. It turns out they are similar not just in name, but also in musical concept. Both emulate the sound and styles of the early 90s. Only Real is a solo artist (real name Niall Galvin) and more indie, while Real Lies are a trio and more electro, but I do think we would all benefit from them merging to form Only Lies or Real Real. Only Real has been around since 2012, making music for Vice readers and Zane Lowe followers. Backseat Kissers was essential hipster, like an Urban Outfitters ad. But then his persona travelled back in time and delved into British musical history, eschewing American influences. Niall now plays a character from a scene which, at the age of 23, he couldn’t have experienced first-hand. He translates the early 90s and picks out the most relevant parts for kids who know it’s cool but don’t really understand it. This will only appeal to a niche audience, but there’s something interesting in Niall himself. Charismatic and never half-hearted, he’s the type of performer that indie music is lacking in 2015. New single Can’t Get Happy is catchy with a really fun, creative video. He’s finally made something that people outside of East London can enjoy, so I hope they get to see and hear it.


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