One Big Reason Why You Should Care About La Dolla!

I’ve written about La Dolla a few times this month but we’re yet to hear her first single. The anticipation is going to drive me crazy now as I’ve just found out it’s written by Thomas Troelsen. Yes, you read that right: THOMAS TROELSEN!!!

OK, I know that doesn’t mean anything to most of you, so it’s time for one of my trusty YouTube playlists to get you acquainted with his work:


It’s almost unbelievable that one person could be responsible for all that greatness, but Thomas Troelsen is. And I think we can all now agree that La Dolla is a very exciting prospect indeed. Her first single Criminal, written by Thomas, will be released in January and the video has already been filmed so should be online soon. If you’re open to spoilers, check out this UK garage-ish remix and club mix (from 21:30 mins) of the track I just fished out of Google, which have been sent around to DJs as Vox Halo featuring La Dolla.


  1. Aw, I know Yulanda since she was in the Silhouettes band. I really feel excited about her project! I'm so excited for her. I'm sure she's gonna be one of the biggest projects of Virgin

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