Future Stars: Noah Cyrus (label TBC)

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Age 16 might be pretty young to begin a music career, but Noah Cyrus is already behind compared to her older sister. The teenage sibling of Miley Cyrus and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus recently signed her first record and publishing deals, with a rumoured $350k advance. The label (which my snooping suggests is independent label RECORDS) are taking a leap of faith on an artist who’s never released so much as a Soundcloud buzz track, but it’s fair enough – not only has she got pop stardom in her genes, but she’s already got 2 million followers on Instagram and 500k on Twitter. Noah already has an edgy vibe on social media, apparently having skipped the clean-cut Disney phase that made Miley a star, which may be a misguided move – after all, it was Miley’s sweet and innocent past that made her rebellious sound and style controversial later. Noah’s musical direction is yet unknown, but she has been working with several British names, including Sam Romans, Two Inch Punch, Digital Farm Animals and Labrinth, and more promisingly with one of my Swedish faves, Noonie Bao. You can hear her singing in this video with her dad from last year.


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