Future Stars: Nick Jonas (Island Records)

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I’m not sure why the Jonas Brothers think one of them is going to be the new Justin Timberlake. They seem to be under the misguided notion that they were the late 2000s answer to *N Sync. I found Joe’s attempt at “being the Justin” quite cringey, but Nick surprised me with his new single, Chains. Nick Jonas (the youngest Jo Bro) was a Broadway child star and first to get a record deal, before Columbia added Joe and Kevin to form a trio. He sang lead at first, before being usurped by Joe, but being young and cute remained the most popular member. Since the band split over a “big disagreement” last year, Nick has bulked up (he even won a role in a martial arts TV show), shaved his hair, and Chains is clearly his “coming of age” moment. It’s dark, cool and mature, but the quality songwriting and simple video stops it from being too try-hard. It’s very well done, and it’s paying off – the single has had a great response from fans and critics alike.


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