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Darren Hayes has posted another new track, Step Into The Light, on his MySpace. I like it more than Who Would Have Thought, but it’s still not as mindblowingly great as some of his previous releases. I’ll keep my hopes up for the album to be amazing anyway, because it will be, without question.

There’s good news and bad news for Patrick Wolf fans. The good is that he’s not retiring after all, but the bad is that his new material doesn’t sound all that poptastic – he’s working with someone from Atari Teenage Riot for starters!

Remember the acetastic indie-electro-pop band Delays? They haven’t split up as once feared, but are working on a new 3rd album and releasing a concert DVD soon. Keep an eye on their MySpace for details of how to get a copy. Their gigs are amazing so it should be a good DVD.

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