New Svenskpop On The Block

BWO – Let It Rain/Rhythm Drives Me Crazy
This is sort of like a double a-side but they’ve released 2 separate CDs. CD singles aren’t a big thing in Sweden, though, so radio play is more important. I haven’t heard RDMC on the radio yet but Let It Rain is getting plenty of plays on the reliably ace Rix FM. It’s only 10 days now until the new album, and although these 2 tracks aren’t quite of the same super-magnificence as Conquering America or Will My Arms Be Strong Enough, I still have confidence that their third album, which is called Fabricator, will be another slice of acetastic pop music.
LIR: 94% Poptastic!
RDMC: 90% Poptastic!

Danny ft. Therese – If Only You
This isn’t a favourite of mine from Danny’s album, but the addition of the fabulous Therese makes it a little more exciting. It’s more of a proper dance song than the cheesy pop of Play It For The Girls and Tokyo, but it’s still Eurodance as opposed to the boring sort of dance music Radio 1 play, and has a nice summery vibe. Then again, it could certainly be a UK hit and brighten up the repetitive dance shows a little bit.
76% Poptastic!

Billy the Vision & the Dancers – Overdosing With You
I’d vaguely heard of this act but not heard anything by them until this song appeared on the radio. I was intrigued by the lyrics, which talk about being addicted to the TV shows Desperate Housewives and NYPD Blue, but it wasn’t until the guest star began to sing that I was properly hooked – it was none other than Annika Norlin from Hello Saferide! The song isn’t as brilliant as some she’s given us in the past, but I do love the bit where Billy sings “Hello Saferide, can you give me a safe ride back to sleep?”.
69% Poptastic!

Da Buzz – Baby Listen To Me
In the past few years Da Buzz ave gone from a reasonably good dance-pop act to one of the best around, as they’ve released some really excellent songs – Dangerous, How Could You Leave Me, Without Breaking, Last Goodbye, and now this, one of their best yet. It sounds similar to Elena Paparizou’s catchy Mambo style, mixed with September’s sing-along dance-pop, which is quite an unbeatable combination. You won’t get these “na-nana-nana-hey”s out of your head for weeks – don’t say I didn’t warn you!
96% Poptastic!

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