New Pop On The Block

Cascada – Truly Madly Deeply (Video)
I would just like to state that when I posted this on Into The Groove it was not this trashy dance remix but the surprisingly likeable original ballad version. Is this the sign of a new era as songs I was a fan of first time around start being covered by new bands? I wonder what Darren will think of this… I can’t imagine it will be very positive.
34% Poptastic!

Take That – Patience (Video)
It’s certainly no Never Forget or Back For Good, but it is better than quite a lot of TT’s back-catalogue. This actually reminds me of A-Ha’s recent comeback single Analogue, which was quite a hit and considering Take That were many times more popular than A-Ha in their hey-day, this should do pretty well. It’s exciting to have them back, even if I doubt their whole album will be that great.
83% Poptastic!

Christina Aguilera – Hurt
Still not as good as anything from Stripped. Why isn’t she releasing Candy Man? It’s a rather strange state of affairs when I prefer Beyoncé’s new single to anything from Christina’s latest album. I hope the next Christina album is better or I might have to give up on her forever!
65% Poptastic!

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