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Just Jack – Stars In Their Eyes
As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of Just Jack and very excited about his 2nd album, which is out at last in January. Hopefully this song will be as successful as it deserves, or at least enough to get Writer’s Blcok re-released and make his album sell plentifully. His sound is quite unique (although sounding like many other things combined) but fits in with what’s around at the moment, even if he probably will be pronounced the male Lily Allen. There are some similarities in sound and lyrical content, but JJ’s style is definitely more mature and his music is really interesting, especially considering its pretty different to my typical favourites and yet I’m still quite devoted. Give him a chance, pop lovers!
92% Poptastic!

McFly – Sorry’s Not Good Enough
After having completely missed the release of McFly’s last single, which of course went to no.1 and left me mumbling “Star Girl? Isn’t that a magazine for little girls?” (I’m pretty sure my younger sister used to buy it), I decided against switching over when their new one came on TV, and I have to say it’s not too bad. They went a bit rubbish and pretentious in the 2nd album stage and I thought all was lost and they might as well just split up now, but lo and behold they came back with a 3rd album which seems from the singles to be just as jolly as their debut. In fact the whole debacle has been depicted in the changing colours of Dougie’s hair, which was blonde in their glory days, turned black in the dark days of Ultraviolet and now as the light appears at the end of the tunnel it is brown and sure to be lightening by the day. Phew!
67% Poptastic!

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