New Pop On The Block

Mika – Grace Kelly (listen)
This song is far from new to me and probably the same for you, but the video I saw for the first time on Saturday and I’ve been skimming music channels ever since hoping for another glimpse, sadly with no such luck so far. The song is great on its own but the video is even better than I ever imagined it might be. It’s so colourful and fun and jolly, absolutely bursting with the ‘feel good factor’, and teamed with such an ace song it is really impossible to dislike. I can’t imagine how this could not be a hit, but of course it’s usually in cases like that where the impossible is achieved and the artist falls swiftly down the dumper. Hopefully my original instincts will be right and Mika will be the biggest star of 2007!
96% Poptastic!

Ashley Tisdale – He Said She Said (listen)
High School Musical’s immense success made instant stars of its cast members, and the songs on the soundtrack became huge hits, making the singers popstars in their own rights, and record contracts were not far away for the two main female characters. Vanessa Hudgens, who played good girl Gabriella, was first to release a single, with the poppy r’n’b track Come Back To Me (think early Christina Milian) which is out soon in the UK. However, it was bitchy yet fabulous Sharpay, played by Ashley Tisdale, who gave me most hope for an ace pop princess to come out of HSM, so I was excited to hear her solo work. I have to say I’m a little disappointed that her songs are also r’n’b, but He Said She Said is very cute and quite catchy so I’m not losing all hope yet.
77% Poptastic!

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