New Pop On The Block

Ch!pz – Cowboy (Watch)
I said that Ch!pz should give it a go in the UK but I was really thinking it should be with one of their good songs. Still, they’re here and this could work. Well, if LazyTown’s terrifying single went top 5, and High School Musical mania is still gripping the country, they must have a chance. Contrary to what most people think, we do need another Vengaboys in this country! Listen to 1001 Arabian Nights instead.
60% Poptastic!

Cold War Kids – Hang Me Up To Dry (Watch)
I should hate this, and I did at first, but I am really quite concerned to find that it has grown on me, even if it’s just the screeches of “haang me up to dryyyyyyyyyyyy”, the washing metaphor and the bouncy bits surrounding it. They do get stuck in your head, whether you want them to or not. It is quite pop when you get over the fact that it… isn’t!
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The Duke Special – Freewheel (Watch)
If you are looking for a cross between Snow Patrol and Placebo (well, someone might be) then you are in luck cos here it is and it’s actually rather wonderful. If you’re bored to desperation with Chasing Cars and Run I definitely recommend giving this a go cos it really is very very lovely. Adorable video too, just a shame they look so scary in real life. He also sings a bit like Rufus Wainwright or the guy from Live as well, if either of those appeal to you (I’m pretty sure the first one will, or you’re a bit lost on this site).
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