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Ross Copperman – Found You (Video)
I had previously stated that All She Wrote was as good as Ross would ever get, but this one’s actually starting to really grow on me. I think it started when I realised how much it sounds like it should be a single by a Swedish Idol boy, although it’s much more Erik Segerstedt than Darin or Danny. At least if Ross fails yet again to set the charts alight and take his place as James Blunt 2007, he can give this to Erik for his next album. Found You could actually be this year’s What’s Left Of Me – an at first underwhelming track a bit like Incomplete by BSBs that gets kind of brilliant after more listens.
84% Poptastic!

Ola Svensson – Natalie (Live)
Speaking of Swedish Idol boys, as I do always seem to be these days, here’s another one releasing a supremely brilliant new single. He had a good ballad before called Rain but was generally a bit Westlife-y and dull. Now he’s gone from one-man-Westlife to a one-man-Take That (think Relight My Fire, not Back For Good) and brought us an amazing summery pop song straight out of the late 90s. It’s so much fun, completely frivolous and non-serious, as great pop songs should be. This is sure to be everywhere on Swedish pop radio this summer – if only we had a single like this for the UK to keep us cheery through the rain.
96% Poptastic!

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