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Vanessa Carlton – Nolita Fairytale (Watch)
I’m not a huge fan of Vanessa’s music but I like her in principle for putting personality into her music and making some great videos. This is another one to add to the list of Thousand Miles and White Houses, and it even takes a self-referential joke at the expense of the former, although I did get a bit confused and thought I’d got the wrong video when it started playing! So, good video, good lyrics, a nice girl… but still the sound is not blowing me away, as much as I’d like it to. Like Celine Dion she has been working with some hip-hop people on her new record, and just like Celine it seems to have had no effect!
71% Poptastic!

McFly – The Heart Never Lies (Video)
Oh dear, who told McFly to go serious and boring? After their last album, which reverted to the funtimes of their debut, brought them back to the top of the charts, surely the last thing for them to do is make their most boring single yet. I know they’re getting older but that’s no excuse, as every member of the Scissor Sisters is at least 7 years older than each of McFly, and they’re the funnest band around! It seems like they’re trying to do a Chasing Cars or How To Save A Life type of song (with added guitar-thrashing and gurning at the camera), and yes those songs were very successful, but that was regardless of who sang them, and this one will only be a hit because it’s by McFly.
22% Poptastic!

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