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Pay TV – Fashion Report (Listen (it’s not the real band in this video!))
This is something of a new direction for Pay TV, although it still retains their distinctive sound, because it’s much more a serious electro-pop song than the cleverly witty pure pop they usually provide. If you are familiar with Cat5 or the Light Bulb Project, you’ll know what to expect. The girls have always had a political slant to their music. They mock capitalism but admit they love it as much as everyone else – a sentiment I sympathise with entirely! Here they are slightly more serious, but again I love the sentiment of the lyrics, which are the antidote to indie bores mourning the loss of authenticity. Pay TV ask to where have we lost the fun and frivolity that we used to find in fashion and in pop music? The lyrics begin: “Disco and kitch is out, electro and glitch is in”, explaining their change in sound is a statement in itself. I don’t think this song is catchy or exciting enough sound-wise (it’s a bit repetitive) to be the huge hit that Pay TV need to become superstars, but they continue to make excellent pop music with a great message, so I’m really pleased they’re back.
94% Poptastic!

Nelly Furtado – Do It (Watch)
Even though it is only her Folklore album that I’m really a fan of, I think Nelly has achieved something amazing with Loose. This is the 8th song she has released from it, although the two in Spanish (No Hay Igual and Te Busqué) were not out in the UK, and every one has been both successful and good quality, interesting pop music. She has managed to maintain a distinct Nelly sound, but release songs which are very varied within that sound, helped I’m sure by the regular reinventions of her past. Each album, she wins the mums’ hearts with songs like Try, All Good Things and I’m Like A Bird, but instantly redeems her cool with Turn Off The Light, Maneater and, well, nothing on Folklore, which is probably why I love it! Do It is a fun and catchy track, which I doubt is going to do as well as its 5 predecessors all have in the UK, but it’s better than what most acts release as their 2nd or 3rd single from an album, so from that perspective it’s great.
68% Poptastic!

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