New Pop On The Block

Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor
Apart from the obviously great Over and Over, I’ve never quite ‘got’ Hot Chip, but at last they release a song as good as people said their previous ones were. It was apparently written for Kylie (explaining the “you’re my no.1 guy” lyrics perhaps), so its quality is no surprise. If every mediocre band wrote their music with Kylie in mind, then the world would be a much better place. This song came on when I was shopping with my mum yesterday, and I had to pretend to like a really horrible top so that I could stay and listen to the rest. Now that’s dedication!
87% Poptastic!

Goldfrapp – A&E
It shows how out of touch I am that I first heard this on local radio! I liked it but hadn’t a clue it was Goldfrapp (although I was vaguely aware of their new direction), and if you’ve heard it you’ll know why I was shocked by my eventual discovery. While I’m a big electropop fan and usual critic of mumsy folk-pop, I must say I prefer this to most Goldfrapp singles, except for the obvious great ones. In fact my opinion of Goldfrapp was quite like that of Hot Chip, so it’s nice to see both bands finally catching up to how good they are supposed to be.
80% Poptastic!

Tom Baxter – Better
I’ve known of this guy for about 4 years, and he seems to have had the most gradual rise to prominence ever. Now he has finally got a single being played on The Box and Radio 2, and I must admit that although I was quite ambivalent towards him before, I do think this is absolutely lovely. Even more so I love the video. Maybe I’m being a soppy girl here, but I think this song will touch a lot of people’s hearts and has the potential to be a very big hit. Perhaps at last Tom Baxter will be more than just that guy whose name you sort of recognise but it might just be cos you went to school with a Tom Baxter.
83% Poptastic!

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