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Sara Bareilles – Bottle It Up (Video)
I posted Sara’s single Love Song on Into The Groove back in August 2007, and since then it’s gone on to be a deservingly huge hit in America. This is her follow-up, but I must say I’m not half as impressed. It’s not infectious at all, just sounding like Love Song without all its good bits! Maybe it’ll be a grower, as Love Song was too, but I did actually like that on first listen so I’m not expecting too much. Quite a shame!
43% Poptastic!

Jordin Sparks – One Step At A Time (Audio)
No Air is a huge success (even reaching the UK top 70 this week despite no official release), which is no surprise at all of course, but I was a bit surprised to read she has another single scheduled for release this month. I imagine it’ll be postponed, although the American artists do seem to have a competition going to see who can get the most songs in the charts at once. Rihanna and Nelly Furtado are particularly good at this. One Step is a cute and jolly song, but a little dated and I reckon a Jason Nevins remix is in order to make it as good as his amazing version of Tattoo.
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