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Same Difference – We R One (Watch)
Finally! The fantabulous Same Difference have released the video for their ace debut single We R One. It’s all High School Musical-wannabe, but of all the things to copy, that’s a pretty good choice. I don’t see them becoming hugely successful, as its becoming a bit unoriginal now, what with Britannia High as well, but the fact that stuff like this is being produced again in the UK is just brilliant. I don’t think their album will be a classic, but I’m looking forward to buying it anyway, just because I love what these two stand for.
91% Poptastic!

Jonas Oakland – Beat of my Heart (Listen)
New Swedish singer-songwriter Jonas isn’t afraid to admit the BWO and Alcazar influences which are latent in his super-catchy debut single. Original or not, it’s one of the best new singles I’ve heard recently. This could very easily pass for an actual BWO song as Jonas’ voice is similar to Martin’s, while the song’s intro reminds me of Not a Sinner, Nor a Saint. It’s not quite Temple of Love, but it’s definitely better than Rhythm Drives Me Crazy, although that admittedly would have been much better without the unbearably annoying pronunciation of “cray-zeh”…
95% Poptastic!

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