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Livvi Franc – Automatik (Listen)
Livvi Franc is a confusing one. After hearing Now I’m That Bitch, I thought she was American, but then I read that she was from Harrogate! Then I heard her say in an interview she was from Barbados, and suddenly realised she was the same girl whose single, Free, I reviewed in April. Ironically, I said it was more timeless and natural than the typical r&b female singer’s style – as you can tell, I hadn’t heard Now I’m That Bitch. And now she’s distancing herself even further from my original perception, but it’s not bad news as she’s releasing a RedOne song! The sad thing is, it’s a song that could put people off RedOne, as it sounds like his usual style but without his usual super-poptasticness. It’s good enough, but it’s no Just Dance, it’s not even another Poker Face. So far RedOne’s songs have had a distinctive RedOne sound, but have all been good in a different way, while this sounds like someone else pretending to be RedOne. They’re pretending very well, but that’s not as good as the real thing.
81% Poptastic!

Taryn Manning – So Talented
This song is proof that Boomkat were just far too ahead of their time, and that’s why they didn’t become the biggest band in the world back in 2003. So Talented isn’t very different to the music that Taryn and her brother Kellin were making for the past 6 years as Boomkat, but what’s changed is that the world has caught up, and most pop music sounds like this these days! I don’t know if So Talented is good enough to break Taryn’s six-year record of nobody (except me and a few others with taste) caring, but it’s got me interested again, and perhaps her appearance on Melrose Place this week will win over a few fans. Unfortunately, though, the characters said they were filming a video for the new Boomkat single, so anyone who tries to purchase So Talented after the show is going to draw a blank. Well done, everyone involved in this cunning marketing plan! I wonder how much they spent to get her on the show, as well?
93% Poptastic!


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