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Lights – My Boots (Listen)
The female Owl City didn’t quite make it big with her first album, but she’s soldiering on with the second and the best news is that she’s started singing less like Avril and more like Britney! Unfortunately she’s still doing that wistful thing which means her songs are desperately in need of a bit more energy and momentum. My Boots is a very pleasant song, which you could actually easily mistake for Linda Sundblad, but it’s hard to enjoy it when it’s so clear how much better it could be if Lights just went for it a bit more. Although the sound is a little more mainstream than Lights’ previous work, I sadly don’t think it’s going to achieve the success that has so far eluded her.
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Yelle – La Musique (Watch)
I was quite obsessed with Yelle a couple of years ago and I’m still sad that I never got to see her live, as it was watching a video from one of her gigs which made me realise quite how ace she was. Most electro-pop girls (this means you, Annie!) are disappointing live but Yelle really got the crowd going. La Musique is the first single off her new album (also called La Musique), which is a bit of a surprise as I heard she was going to be singing in English. It’s not as fun as the previous hits, although the video is quite special, featuring everyone from Justin Bieber to Oprah Winfrey. Even Pixie Lott makes an appearance! I still love Yelle but I’m not blown away by this song in this slightest. Let’s hope the next one’s better.
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