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Tove Styrke – White Light Moment (listen)
Only 16 but strikingly beautiful and naturally cool, Tove Styrke could easily become the biggest star to emerge from Sweden’s Idol series… and she only came 3rd in a pretty rubbish year. Taking influences from Lykke Li and Robyn, her debut single Million Pieces was a big hit and favourite of mine, but White Light Moment is even better! It’s a more mainstream sound and very danceable, like a mixture of Robyn and Katy Perry. It’s one of those songs that’s very ‘now’ but doesn’t sound too much like any other song in particular. A lot of Swedish pop is only really great if you’re into the Swedish sound, but this could be an international hit if it was sung by an artist with a little more reknown. With everything Tove has going for her, I’d love to see an international launch and I think it could really work. If anyone reading this can make that happen, please please do!
97% Poptastic!

Hurts – Stay (Watch)
When I first heard this song I almost cried – not from sadness at the subject of the song, but out of happiness because it was so good! It was the obvious choice for the next single, although that’s not to say the other album tracks aren’t good enough. I actually think it’s an excellent album overall, and was surprised to read some reviews that suggested it was a disappointment. I could go on about how great it is to have real pop music being appreciated by the music industry, but what’s way more important here is what a beautifully crafted pop song this is. This is exactly how a pop ballad should be – dramatic, moving but still simple and pristinely sung. Take That should listen to Hurts and feel absolutely ashamed of their last album. This is the kind of music a band that sells a million gig tickets in a day should be making.
93% Poptastic!


  1. I am loving Tove Styrke. She's incredible. Love her love her love her. I can't wait to see how her career develops 🙂 Loving the new look btw

  2. White Light Moment is a great song, and a hit for sure. Reports are saying that the album is really good, but far less “ingratiating”.

    Tove was only 16 during Idol, but she is in fact turning 18 in a few weeks. She recently said that she is grateful that she will be old enough to actually attend the clubs on her December mini tour.

  3. What happened to the pictures o_O. Otherwise, loving Tove, but unconvinced of the merits of her 'popstar name'. perhaps a rebrand is in order.

  4. The pictures were just for the other feature. Sorry! I love Tove's name (it's the same as the writer of the Moomins!) but it probably won't be the best internationally – still better than the name she went by on Idol, Tove Ă–stman Styrke!

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