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One Night Only – Say You Don’t Want It (Watch)
One Night Only have to be one of the most generic, unremarkable guitar-pop bands of the last few years. I thought they’d given up on music altogether until I heard that they had a new single coming out, presumably off the back of the lead singer modelling for Burberry and ending up dating Emma Watson. She’s a pretty apt girlfriend for Mr One Night Only, since I’ve never quite understood her appeal either. The new video, which stars Emma, is actually quite creative (based on Lady and the Tramp), but all interest is lost by the song which is as forgettable as ever. The best bit is the cute dogs at the end.
62% Poptastic!

Dane Bowers – All She Wants (Watch)
He may have been quite well-liked during his time on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, but Dane Bowers is highly mistaken if he thinks that the public deciding not to hate him means he should launch another attempt at a music career. Luckily it seems no-one has invested too much money in the project, if the video is anything to go by. It reminds me of when Antony Costa thought that people not hating him when he was on I’m A Celeb meant he should release a solo single. Ahh, nostalgia! The interesting thing about Dane’s new song is that it’s incredibly dull and pointless, but actually wouldn’t sound that out of place on The Script’s album. I think this says more for The Script’s irrelevance than it does for Dane’s relevance, though.
37% Poptastic!

Eva & the Heartmakers – Mr Tokyo (Watch)
Every month I scour the charts of Europe for new poptastic discoveries, and since truly great finds are rare, it’s always very exciting when something amazing crops up. One such occasion was Eva & the Heartmakers’ single Please! which I found in the Norwegian charts last year. I’d never heard of the band but was instantly obsessed with the song. Now they’re back with a new single and this one even has a video, which shows Eva to be rather Nina Persson-esque! If you miss the old wistful pop days of The Cardies, definitely give this one a listen. It’s not as joyous as Please! but this is still a lovely, soft and sweet pop song. I would like a few more like Please! though…
77% Poptastic!

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