New Pop on the Block

Jess Mills – Live For What I Die For
I am led to believe that being featured on UK dubstepper (no relation to True Steppers/Dane Bowers) Breakage’s underground hit Fighting Fire earlier this year makes Jess Mills very cool. To me she sounds remarkably like Enya, just with lots of extra crashing noises in the background. This is no criticism though, as I really like this new single. It fits in with the new Siobhan Donaghy-esque sound which is getting people like Yasmin and Katy B onto the Radio 1 playlist at the moment, so I’m sure Jess will be sat alongside them soon. I would of course prefer it to be the real Siobhan Donaghy, but we’ll have to make do. I also recommend Jess if you like Bat For Lashes, Clare Maguire or Kyla La Grange.
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Joe Jonas – See No More
The uselessness of Americans at making pop music never fails to astound me. A project like Joe’s solo career has so much money behind it (and subsequently so much need to succeed) that he could have his pick of all the new songs written by the world’s best songwriters. So why choose something so unremarkable as this? Is it just the fact that they know his fanbase will make it a success no matter how it sounds, so there’s no point spending money on buying him something better? If so that’s pretty depressing, but I actually think it’s more a case of Americans genuinely not being able to recognise a catchy tune if it punched them in the face. And the best pop songs should do just that. This one’s more like a gentle tap. Sort it out if you want Joe to be the next Justin Timberlake as we were (very) briefly led to believe he could be.
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