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Martin Rolinski – Blame It On A Decent Matter (Listen)
The fact that Martin’s debut solo single has been online for a few weeks now and I haven’t yet written about it says it all really. It’s not bad enough that I’d be ranting about how disappointing it is, but it’s not exciting enough for me to be harping on about it to anyone who’ll listen either. Perhaps, with BWO’s amazing back-catalogue, I had too high expectations. But why shouldn’t a debut single be exceptional? It has to be if he really wants to succeed. Then again, it is actually very reminiscent of BWO’s first ever single, Living in a Fantasy, so maybe the next single will be his Conquering America? Also, it is ten times better than anything featuring Andreas Ohrn could ever be, so he’s got that on his side automatically. It’s not the game-changing debut I was hoping for, but it’s not a terrible start. He just needs to realise he only gets one chance to make this happen and no-one wants him to waste it.
76% Poptastic!

The Wanted – Lightning (Live)
Previously announced and then un-announced as the follow-up to Gold Forever, Lightning has now been revealed (by Max, who’s not the best at keeping secrets) as the third single from The Wanted’s second album. After the first two Ed Drewett-penned tracks they released (All Time Low and Glad You Came) both went to number one, it’s no surprise they’ve gone for another of his co-writes for the next single. Lightning was performed on the boys’ first tour earlier this year and it quickly became one of my favourites of theirs. It’s one of their poppiest songs and has a euphorically catchy chorus. It’s more similar to the sound of the first album than Glad You Came was, and immediately recognisable as The Wanted, but at a time when they’re about to face some pretty stiff competition on their home turf from the Cowell-masterminded pretenders One Direction, it’s a good idea to assert their distinct sound. There’s still chance for The Wanted to win this boyband war yet.
91% Poptastic!

DEVolution ft. Amy Pearson – Good Life (Watch)
Amy may be a Birmingham girl, but my Australian readers are much more likely to be aware of her than the Brits. Having only heard of her myself through the Australian charts, where she has had a few minor hits, I believed until today that she was Australian. However, when I heard that she was featured on this track, which is being predicted to be the next big UK urban-dance hit, I did some further investigation and found that she’s not just British but also the writer of the rather good 2010 dance hit Freefallin by Zoe Badwi. She should have kept that one to herself! This time she’s made sure she gets her vocals on the track, although she’s not credited in many places. DEVolution are also of note themselves as one of them used to be in Artful Dodger. The late 90s really are back. As for the song, it seems nice enough but nothing groundbreaking to me, but I never cared for UK garage the first time around so I’m probably not the best one to judge its revival.
70% Poptastic!


  1. That would be great. He really needs to step out of the BWO sound, as much as I love it, and make the most of the amazing variety of songwriters whose studios are probably in walking distance from his house!

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