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Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love (Listen)
Wynter seems to have a different single coming out every few weeks somewhere in the world, whether it’s solo or a featuring slot, but she is still not well known either in the UK or her home country of America. Most people wouldn’t have a clue who she was or recognise any of her music either, and although I’ve heard at least ten songs by her (and I’m a huge fan of her solo singles Surveillance and Dirty Talk) I wouldn’t recognise her if she walked past me on the street. With Buy My Love she starts to set out who she is a little more as it helps to establish a distinct Wynter Gordon sound. It’s a light, fun song with a great chorus, which could have fit well on Lady Gaga’s first album. Although it doesn’t pack the same punch as the incredible Dirty Talk I can imagine it being a hit if promoted well. It’ll be huge in Australia and Europe at the very least.
79% Poptastic!

Kyla La Grange – Heavy Stone (Listen)
This new trend (in signings more than success, so far) for female singers making dark music is not something I encourage, as an ardent supporter of the happy-go-lucky side of pop. However, when these artists use their dark sides to create dramatic, passionate pop music they can win me over, and Kyla La Grange definitely does that. I loved her debut single Walk Through Walls and was content enough with the follow-up Been Better, but I think Heavy Stone will be the one that really gets her attention. In contrast to Wynter Gordon she’s had a distinct sound from the start. I was concerned that Walk Through Walls was the perfect example of her sound, and everything else she released would just be similar but not as good. Heavy Stone certainly does fit in the same emotional Kate Bushy folk-pop slot as Walk Through Walls, but it’s just as strong and possibly even stronger. This should be her breakthrough single, but there definitely needs to be a re-release of Walk Through Walls if it succeeds.
84% Poptastic!

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