New Pop On The Block

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
This is a great song to hear on the radio, always cheers me up when it’s on (and it’s on more and more at the moment) so I’m glad it’s starting to do really well. It’s funny how people seem to love these new songs that sound like old ones at the moment. Many acts try to create songs which sound like old classics and many fail because they’re just not classy enough – you have to be very careful when modernising not to spoil it, but this works perfectly. I’m not sure if the vocals on this are actually from an old song, but it sounds like a song which should be an all-time classic. All I know about the song is that it’s the brainchild of Dangermouse, known most recently for working with Gorillaz.
93% Poptastic!

Temposhark – Joy
This song starts off well but gets a bit tedious as it goes on. They look fab and have worked with some very cool people, they were even compared by Arjan Writes to my all-time pop hero Darren Hayes, yet something just isn’t working for me. I should like them and I want to, but it just feels like too much effort. I do like their song Blame on Myspace much more though, there’s something almost Swedish-sounding about it. Fans of the Ark might like them and there are occasions where his pronunciation reminds me of Martin Rolinski – if you like the darker songs on Prototype (although they are even sillier than their happy songs) you should definitely give Blame a listen, and maybe Joy too.
56% Poptastic!

Trivium – Dying Words
My sister loves this band, so I thought I’d be nice and give their new song a chance when it came on Radio 1 today, but as any of you who’ve heard a Trivium song before will be able to guess, my patient open-mindedness did not last long and my finger was on the off button within seconds. Open-mindedness can only stretch so far until it becomes stupidity.
5% Poptastic!

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