New Pop On The Block

The Feeling – Fill My Little World
Well, this is a surprise. I have heard this song many times yet it has never had any effect on me, until today when I saw the video and suddenly found that I love it. The video is quite clever in a taking the song title a bit too literally way i.e. they are in an aquarium. I’ve heard quite a few songs from their album now and although I still don’t love Sewn, I reckon if I keet at it it will all come together (perhaps even joined by stitches!) and since I love the three album tracks I’ve heard, I may even buy their album whenever it comes out (probably soon).
80% Poptastic!

Matt Willis – Up All Night
We’ve had pop music that sounds like dance music (e.g. Minogues), dance music that sounds like pop music (Euro-dance) and dance music that sounds like rock music (well, Bodyrockers were the only example I could think of). Now is the time for rock music that sounds like dance music. Some (e.g. I Panic!ked At The Disco And Ran Off Before Any Good Songs Were Played) do it badly, while others (e.g. Head Automatica) do it extremely well. Matt Willis seems to have decided to jump on this bandwagon, and I have decided this is a good thing. Up All Night is not the best song ever and Matt’s ugliness is made all the more obvious with the lack of even stranger looking band members to distract us. But it’s better than anything Busted have done since Year 3000, so from me it’s a thumbs-up, or at least in the general upwards direction.
70% Poptastic!

The Automatic – Monster
Apologies for the guitar quota of this post but I have to mention this song which I have heard for the first time today. Their last song was bearable but nothing great. This has one of the best chorus lines I’ve heard in ages. OK so the rest of isn’t that exciting, but I challenge you to not be singing this again and again and again once you’ve heard it.
65% Poptastic!

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