New Pop On The Block

Alesha – Lipstick
This is of course Alesha Dixon from Mis-Teeq and her first single received its radio premiere this afternoon (there’s also a clip here) but I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. It’s catchy but it’s nothing compared to Scandalous, the obvious height of Mis-teeq’s career, and there’s no rap which just isn’t right for Alesha’s debut single – it’s incomplete! In related news, if you want some hilarity you must visit the MySpace of Alesha’s hippy mum!
83% Poptastic!

Robbie Williams – Rudebox
Thanks to Karinski for pointing out this song on a recent Radio 1 dance show (click here and go 40 mins in to hear it). This seems to be a remix and they’ve carefully chosen one that doesn’t have much of Robbie’s voice in it, but you can still recognise it quite easily, especially if you know it’s him. It’s quite cool sounding, and wouldn’t be out of place on a Freeform Five CD for example, but it’s nowhere near as good as their songs, some of which would actually make great singles for Robbie. Anu Pillai, if you or someone who knows you are reading, I order you to contact Robbie right now and save this project before it goes rubbish and no-one ever ‘goes dance’ ever again!
74% Poptastic!

Betty Curse – God That Hurts
This whole thing reeks of trying too hard. I thought about a year ago that a goth-rock lady singer could do really well, but the closest we got was Kelly Clarkson having a bit of a wail on Behind These Hazel Eyes, and now someone’s finally having a go it is not only too late but too rubbish. The song has no catchy pop hook to it, yet neither is it actually cool. I don’t care about whether pop acts are fake or authentic, but trying so desperately to be cool and in the process forgetting to make a good quality song is just never going to work.
32% Poptastic!

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