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Jamelia – Something About You (Audio)
Perhaps not quite as exciting as the Popjustice preview suggested, but I still love Jamelia and this is certainly rivalling Thank You to be her second best single (Superstar is obviously first). The chorus is catchy and it’s great to hear an act who can change seamlessly from one style to another, as this is kind of rocky but not an all out shout-along, just a few guitars and drums, and she still sounds just like Robyn in the verses as she always did on her more r’n’b songs. Hopefully there’ll be a Handle Me cover on the album cos that song in particular I think would be a perfect fit.
93% Poptastic!

Keane – Crystal Ball (Audio)
Good Keane singles seem to come in pairs. I loved their first 2 big hits but was utterly unimpressed by the rest of their debut album, only warming to them again with the release of Is It Any Wonder and now this catchy follow-up which I also really like. It amuses me because I can’t help imagining it is about a girl called Crystal Ball, perhaps Zoe Ball’s long-lost sister, and wondering if anyone does exist with that name. Surely there must be a Crystal Ball somewhere in the world?
80% Poptastic!

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