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The Attic – It’s Beautiful (Listen)
This sounds very much like their last single Life To Live but this is not a bad thing because both are good songs, although nothing like as ace as their past hits Destiny and Just Can’t Help It, which are some of the catchiest dance songs I’ve ever known. It’s good, but it could and should be much better.
67% Poptastic!

All American Rejects – It Ends Tonight (Listen)
I don’t approve of the phrase ‘guilty pleasures’ but if I did this band would be mine. I can’t really see any difference between them and other rock acts, although the singer is much better looking than most, proven by the fact that he doesn’t need to heap on the make-up. The video for this is supposed to be premiered today on TRL USA but amusingly I’ve already seen it on (I think) Chart Show TV in the UK. It wasn’t very exciting if I remember correctly, but the song has really grown on me since I first heard it. Not as good as Move Along, the song that started this whole worrying fandom, but probably equal to the last UK release Dirty Little Secret.
78% Poptastic!

Robbie Williams – Lovelight
Well, this is a big improvement on Rudebox, even if it does sound just like George Michael. It’s not hugely catchy and it still pales in comparison to many similar songs by lesser known acts, but for Robbie it’s not too bad. However, I thought Advertising Space was the best song off his last album and that flopped miserably so I am clearly no authority when it comes to predicting his chart positions – we’ll just have to wait and see. I am very interested to hear his PSBs collaborations too.
75% Poptastic!

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