My favourite Xmas present this year…

was the DVD I and other Darren Hayes fans had been patiently awaiting for what seems like forever, the Too Close For Comfort tour film. TCFC was the tour he did in 2002, and the DVD includes footage from the concerts (mostly the one in Hammersmith which was my first Darren concert and possibly my fave gig ever) and backstage, as well as an interview from this year, looking back on that time, explaining and often laughing at the way he was. The music and performance is amazing and gives those not lucky enough to have seen him live a glimpse into what a fantastic, heart-warming experience it is.

The documentary is equally compelling viewing, especially for fans who can see what was truly going on behind the scenes. It’s a memento of that time when I could see him on TV and hear him on the radio – not such a common occurence these days, sadly, but I hope that will be rectified. It’s great to see how sorted he seems to be now and I look forward to hearing how that will translate into his music. I recommend this DVD to anyone, even if you’re not a huge Darren fan, it’s still a fascinating film. It’s not available in the UK but you can import it from this site.

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