Song of the Week: MT – Dear One

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This week I’m introducing a new section in Future Pop, where I will feature my favourite new song of the week, regardless of its chances of being a hit. The aim is to give the song some deserved exposure and bring a bit more positivity to Future Pop!


First up is a song by an act who I featured here a few months ago. Sadly, MT (which stands for Many Things) are yet to achieve the breakthrough I thought they could, but their music has only improved. I listed Alpha Romeo in my top 50 of 2013, and Dear One could chart even higher. As I said last year, I miss the fun indie-pop of the late 2000s (I’m From Barcelona, CSS, The Pipettes etc.) and think MT could be the ones to bring it back. But Dear One isn’t just twee, uplifting novelty-indie – there’s a great pop song at its heart.


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