And the no.1 most poptastic single of 2013 is…

After choosing Swagger Jagger and Pound The Alarm as my no.1s of 2011 and 2012, I felt I’d set myself a challenge to find an even more obnoxious and ridiculous chart-topper for 2013… and I succeeded! I’ve chosen a song by perhaps the worst artist in the world at the moment, with a hideous video too. But I haven’t picked this song just to be provocative and silly. It represents my favourite trend of the year (non-country artists making country-influenced music), and most importantly of all, it’s a really great pop song where not a second is wasted. It’s the opposite of boring, and that’s what pop music is all about for me.

The No.1 Most Poptastic Single of 2013


Someone should have asked for a sewing machine for Christmas

Released: 7th October (USA)
Writers: Armando C. PĂ©rez, Kesha Sebert, Lukasz Gottwald, Priscilla Hamilton, Jamie Sanderson, Breyan Stanley, Isaac Henry Walter, Pebe Sebert, Lee Oskar, Keri Oskar, Greg Errico
Trivia: Timber has more writers credited than any other song in the top 25, proving that novelty pop hits require careful construction. The writers include Dr. Luke, Priscilla Renea, a man from South Shields and Ke$ha’s mum.
Best bits: 1. It’s going down, I’m yelling timber, you better move, you better dance, let’s make a night you won’t remember, I’ll be the one you won’t forget
2. Woah oh-oh-oh, woah oh-oh-oh, woah oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh
3. Spin your partner round and round, end of the night, it’s going down

Check back later this afternoon for the top 100 in full and an epic six-hour-long playlist!


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