Song of the Week: MØ – Kamikaze

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I’ve always been a fan of MØ, but more for her personality than her music. MØ was part of a punk girl duo in her teens, and interned for Le Tigre’s JD Samson before she was famous. I believe pop has more in common with punk than any other genre, because they’re both about being confident and free. I love how MØ brings her punk background into her live performances, but also how she’s approached her move into pop music with a positive and respectful attitude. She’s not dismissive of pop artists: She cites Sporty Spice as her biggest inspiration and was thrilled when Rihanna was filmed dancing to Lean On. She simply wants to exist alongside them putting her own spin on the genre, with no sense of superiority despite the critical acclaim she receives. With Lean On she (and Major Lazer) finally released a song I could really get on board with, and although Kamikaze isn’t such an instant banger, it has the same multi-cultural super-2015 vibe. On first listen I wasn’t convinced, but on second listen I was obsessed. Kamikaze is the lead single from her forthcoming second album, and was produced by Diplo.


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