Melodi Club: First Listen

Now I’ve calmed down I can review the rest of the Melodifestivalen songs!

Jessica Folcker – When Love’s Comin’ Back Again
This is a bit Celine Dion for my liking but it’s catchy and likeable and Jessica has a good history in pop, from working with Max Martin and Bomfunk MCs to singing the theme tune of the Dutch show Starmaker which produced K-otic and Sita.

Gregor – Mi Amor
Unknown singer Gregor sings in Swedish despite his song title being in Spanish. It’s absolutely terrible. The crown of best Latino single of Melodifestivalen 2006 remains firmly on Alexander’s bald head.

Jessica Andersson – Kalla nätter
As part of Fame, Jessica entered Eurovision a few years ago with a fantastic song called Give Me Your Love. I don’t think this is quite as good as that, but it’s a jolly pop song – probably the best non-BWO song out of the ones I’ve heard so far.

The Poodles
Oh dear! Someone has obviously been inspired by Wigwam (the Norwegian rock group, not the ace new band of Betty Boo) and this is even worse than their entry of last year. One novelty rock band is enough for one decade of Eurovision, thanks very much.

Elysion – Golden Star
Blimey! Opera on Melodifestivalen? It sounds most like that song from Phantom of the Opera actually. I always hated that song, and I can’t stand this one either. Luckily I don’t think it’s much of a challenge for our Organless idols.

Patrick Isaksson – Faller du så faller jag
There are always a few successful older guys in Melodifestivalen, harnessing the mums and grans’ votes. Patrick will be popular with that demographic, but this ballad is far too dull to get anywhere. Then again, I thought the same of the Norwegian MGP winner and everyone else loves it!

Kayo – Innan natten är över
This is another jolly upbeat song but there’s nothing original about it, and it’s distinctly lacking in oomph, which is in my opinion the one thing most necessary for a Eurovision entry. This just wouldn’t cut it in Greece.

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