Future Stars: Meghan Trainor (Epic Records)

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Not many established artists get nearly 3 million Youtube views in a week, let alone unknown acts posting their first music video. Meghan Trainor achieved this unusual feat with a song and video packed with novelty appeal, although it’s sad that a song with this message should be a novelty. All About That Bass is a strong, catchy pop song (produced by the man behind Stacie Orrico’s hits!), but it wouldn’t have got much attention if the lyrics weren’t about being confident in her body shape. The video follows the same theme, but in contrast to Lily Allen’s controversy-courting Hard Out Here, it’s cute, girly and light-hearted. I can certainly see this appealing to a female audience, but by releasing this song first, without a back-catalogue available to prove she’s not just a novelty artist, it’s going to be hard for Meghan to gain further success. This song might be a hit, but it will only be a win for plus size women if she can go on to launch a long-term music career.


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