Max Martin will be quaking in his boots

Because I’ve just discovered that Thomas Troelsen, apart from being lead singer of incredible Danish pop act Private, is also behind some of my absolute favourite pop songs of all time! These include Baby by Melody Club and Hot Summer by Monrose, both completely amazing songs. His latest work is the new single for Sarah Connor (the German answer to Britney), which is rather good (no surprise) and makes her sound very much like Jamelia, an odd coincidence since Jamelia was in my dream last night, where she was replacing Cheryl Cole as the new X Factor judge. This in turn links me to the most exciting news, that Thomas has produced the whole of the new, adorable and brilliant Danish X Factor winner’s album! It’s sure to be a masterpiece, and you never know, if it’s a success he may be roped in for the UK winner’s too. Then again, is anyone deserving of a Troelsen song likely to win X Factor over here?

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