Song of the Week: Matoma ft. Becky Hill – False Alarm

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I’ve seen a lot of Twitter chat about tropical house being overplayed and annoying. And yes, there’s a lot of it about and most of the tracks were clearly produced in less than an hour, but I still say as far as dance music trends go, it’s far from the worst. I much prefer it to dubstep and EDM, and recently it’s inspired some quality pop songs, from Justin Bieber’s comeback hits to Dua Lipa’s Hotter Than Hell. The latest tropical pop tune to catch my attention is False Alarm by Norwegian producer Matoma (aka the budget Kygo) and the feat scene’s finest, Becky Hill. It has a really strong chorus, sweet verses and great vocals from Becky, who strangely sounds a bit like Taylor Hanson at times. Now that’s something I’d like to hear: Hanson goes tropical. Can someone get on that?

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