Make your life more Poptastisk!

After many months and a lot of unexpected disasters, my zine is finally ready for distribution! If you’d like to buy a copy, I’m selling it through the crafty website Etsy – click here for the listing.

Features include:

– Electro-girls interviews
– How to discover ace new pop music
– A guide to the best pop-related films
– Spotlight on… Denmark
– 10 years on: the stars of 1999
– Your questions answered by Dr Pop
– Crossword puzzle

The price works out as £1.80 for the zine and £1.20 for postage within the UK, or £2.40 postage outside the UK.

Note: The photo is a little misleading as the zine’s actually in black and white. I wanted to print it in colour but the print shop people said that would cost £5 per zine so I sadly had to go with black and white. It still looks really good, though, I think.


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