The 10th Most Poptastic Single of 2015: Major Lazer x DJ Snake ft. MØ – Lean On

Released: 2nd March
Writers: Karen Ørsted, Thomas Pentz, William Griachine, Philip Meckseper, Martin Bresso
Trivia: This song was turned down by Rihanna, which seems like quite an error considering the series of musical false starts she’s had this year. MØ is brilliant, but I personally would have loved the song to go to Selena Gomez. It would have been a career-defining moment for Selena, and an interesting complement to Bieber’s Diplo collaboration, which was a hit at the same time.
Best bits: 1. The Indian-sounding “wuuh-uh-ohh” noise
2. “Blow a kiss, fire a gun, all we need is somebody to lean on”
3. “We would only hold on to let go”


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