Song of the Week: Maggie Lindemann – Obsessed

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I caught Maggie Lindemann live in London a few months ago, and it was a strange experience. At the time, the social media star was enjoying a hit with the Cheat Codes remix of her poppiest single Pretty Girl, but she didn’t have any other upbeat tracks to entertain her newfound fanbase. The rest of her music was Halsey-esque alt-pop, and the audience were pretty underwhelmed. She’s now rebranded as a pop chick, recently collaborating with The Vamps and joining them on their upcoming tour. Her new single Obsessed is perfectly primed to appeal to fans of Pretty Girl, myself included – it’s one of the best pure pop tracks to come out in a while. It has a cute, bouncy sound and a fun concept, which is explored throughout the song, ending with a fun twist in the outro.

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