Future Stars: LunchMoney Lewis (Kemosabe/Columbia)

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American rapper/singer LunchMoney Lewis looks likely to have one of the big worldwide hits of the summer. His single Bills has already been no.1 in Australia and is currently rising up the US Billboard Hot 100 with high expectations. Celebrity fans have helped the track go viral on social media, with Meghan Trainor and Liam Payne among the pop stars who tweeted about Bills. It’s scheduled for UK release (as usual, the only country not aligned with the worldwide release date) on 10th May. LunchMoney Lewis is the stage name of Gamal Lewis, a songwriter-turned-artist from Miami, signed to Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe. His writing credits include BO$$ by Fifth Harmony and Burnin’ Up by Jessie J, and he features on Trini Dem Girls from Nicki Minaj’s latest album. Bills has a distinctive sound, amusing video and relatable lyrics. It’s a typical one hit wonder, but with LunchMoney Lewis’ track record in songwriting and with Dr. Luke and other talented producers on board, it could be the first hit of many.


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