Future Stars: Lord Huron (Republic)

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Indie-folk band Lord Huron are best known for the song The Night We Met, which was released in 2015, but didn’t become a hit until it was featured prominently in Netflix teen series 13 Reasons Why last year. The haunting love song now has 178 million Spotify plays, and reached no. 5 on the US Hot Rock chart. Following this breakthrough moment, Lord Huron signed their first major label deal with Republic Records, with a new album Vide Noir due in April. The first two singles from it were released last Friday: Ancient Names (Part I) and Ancient Names (Part II). The new tracks have a fuller, livelier sound, befitting the bigger stages they’ll be playing this time around. However, it was the heartfelt simplicity of The Night We Met that made it such an impactful choice for the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, so let’s hope they realise this, and have something similar up their sleeves to keep those new fans on board.

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