Future Stars: Lil Mosey (Interscope)

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I can’t get through more than a few seconds of most Soundcloud rap songs, but proving yet again that I have the taste of a tween, I’ve happily watched the cute and colourful video for 16-year-old Lil Mosey’s Noticed several times. Lil Mosey is Lathan Echols from Seattle, a new Interscope signing with a rising hit on his hands. He is described as a mumble rapper, but I’m not sure he could rap any more clearly if he wanted to. I had to put subtitles on to understand his recent Genius Verified video. Despite his young age, he still has the hip-hop credentials. He raps about guns and drugs, though he says he’s now stopped taking and selling the latter (distancing himself from the former ASAP would be appreciated). His rap style might be slurry, but Lil Mosey’s music is poppy and melodic, with clear commercial potential. So far, Noticed has reached the top 40 on the US Spotify weekly chart and top 5 of their global trending chart.

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