Future Stars: Lecrae (Columbia)

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The streaming era has blurred the lines between genres, and allowed artists to reach potential fans who would have never usually heard their music, but I hadn’t seen this work in the favour of a Christian music act until I spotted Lecrae high in the viral chart last week. He’s a rapper from Houston with a large Christian following, who has been active since 2004, but he’s poised to cross over with his new album, his first released through Columbia. This is notable simply due to the rarity of a Christian artist signing to a major. The label has lined up some big collaborations to introduce him to a wider audience, including Tori Kelly on new single I’ll Find You, which is currently trending on Spotify, and Ty Dolla $ign on previous release Blessings. He also released another album track last week, the amusingly named Hammer Time, produced by Metro Boomin (Kanye, Drake etc.). I’ll Find You is already a hit on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop chart, debuting at no.11 last week.

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