Song of the Week: Lazyboy Empire – Vampire

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Lazyboy Empire are trying to do the near-impossible: Go viral on purpose. The unnamed duo’s debut single Vampire is a very calculated attempt at a novelty YouTube hit, timed fittingly for Halloween, and incorporating the instrument that signifies fun and silliness in 2015… the sax! The track started well on Soundcloud, with over 100k plays in a week, but the official video has struggled so far, despite hype from sites like Noisey and Idolator. Whether it will accelerate in the week leading up to Halloween is yet to be seen. As for the true identity of Lazyboy Empire, I think I’ve got a pretty good guess. Producer Ricky Reed has tweeted that he worked on the song, and he is involved with the label Nice Life, so I’m assuming he is half of the duo. Ricky is the man behind novelty-esque recent hits Bills, BO$$, Talk Dirty and Fireball, which has a very similar riff to Vampire. As for his partner in crime, presumably also the main vocalist on the track, if it’s not actually Adam Levine (the similarity is uncanny), it could be Teddy Geiger, a singer (and former teen star) who shares many songwriting credits with Ricky, and retweeted his tweet about the song. Have a listen and let me know if you think I’ve cracked it!


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