Future Stars: Lauren Jauregui (label TBC)

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The Camila Cabello solo launch is now in full swing, with everything from a Major Lazer feature to an Ed Sheeran duet secured in the hopes she’ll be the next big pop star. Sadly, so far the music has been pretty underwhelming, but that does present an opportunity for one of her former bandmates to get ahead, and that person is undoubtedly Lauren Jauregui. The 20-year-old Cuban-American is the fan favourite in Fifth Harmony, and will benefit from being the underdog, without the pressure of the expectations Camila is facing. She’s known by fans for her more alternative taste in music, as a self-described “rock chick,” and last year she undramatically came out as bisexual. She earned credibility by featuring on the single Back To Me by up-and-coming electro duo Marian Hill, but her biggest win came last month when her duet with Halsey was released. Not only did this aide her cool positioning, but the song was well received (it’s one of Halsey’s best) and it makes a strong statement with its romantic/sexual lyrics between two female singers. Camila might have followed all the established steps to becoming a pop band’s breakout star, but Lauren is taking a path that feels way more relevant to 2017. As it stands, I can’t image giving Camila’s album more than one listen, but I’m already looking forward to Lauren’s. P.S. It’s pronounced “Hureggy.”

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