Future Stars: Karen Harding (Method Records)

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It seems fitting that Sam Smith recently tweeted about Karen Harding’s new single Say Something, because they’ve both achieved the same unusual feat. They’ve reinvented themselves from a cheesy pop past into credible artists who are taken seriously. While Sam’s hilarious teenage music video has largely eluded notice, 22-year-old Karen has appearances on X Factor and Eurovision: Your Country Needs You to keep quiet. Signing to the same label as Disclosure, collaborating with MNEK on the 90s-esque house-pop song Say Something and presenting herself to people who don’t follow those shows has worked a treat. The single premiered on Noisey and I even heard her on 1Xtra this weekend. Although her reincarnation exposes the shallowness of the music industry, the old clips show she’s a confident performer with a strong voice, and I admire her determination to make it via any route.


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