Future Stars: Kacy Hill (Def Jam/G.O.O.D. Music)

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Like Jamie Lawson, Kacy Hill is also signed to a label led by a big name artist, though it seems barely of note when that artist is from the hip-hop genre, where you haven’t really made it ’til you have your own roster full of protegées. Kacy is signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, but she won’t be following closely in her mentor’s footsteps. Her high-pitched vocals have been compared to Florence Welsh, and her sound fits the current trend for arty, timid pop. Formerly a model, she was spotted by Kanye when she was working as a background dancer on his Yeezus tour. Although she hadn’t originally planned to become a singer, Kacy had already been working on music with producer (or “art and sound designer,” as he describes himself) Jaylien Wesley. Their collaboration Experience impressed Kanye, and the deal was done. The video makes the most of Kacy’s unique look, focusing in on her freckly face, and it’s clear that her beauty won’t be taking a backseat in this project. Musically, she’s worked with an interesting mix of people on her debut EP Bloo, including British up-and-comers Jack Garratt and Tourist, and electro-pop legend Stuart Price. Arm’s Length, her song with Stuart and Tourist, shows good pop potential, suggesting she does intend to make a play for commercial success when the time is right.


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