Sponsored Post: Julissa Veloz releases new single Different

Following on from our previous post about U.S. dance-pop artist Julissa Veloz, we have news of her brand new single which is released on 30th October. The song is called Different and it’s a collaboration with DJ/producer Trevor Simpson, who is well known on the San Francisco music scene and has provided official remixes for artists including Lady Gaga and LMFAO.

Speaking about the new single in a recent interview, Julissa said that it’s “a bit more sentimental” than the upbeat party tracks the Dominican-American singer is known for. She says it’s about “how most people on the outside just don’t understand people who are different.” The track has already had some radio play and is receiving a very positive response before it has even been released.

Check out the song below and head to Julissa’s official website to find out more and download your copy.


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